(Un)Officially a Graduate!

BOOOOYAHHHHHHH!!!!! I am finally done with school! Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I was so exhausted today to fully soak in the moment. If I had more energy, I probably would have rolled around campus green like Jason and Larissa suggested (not that I am going to now, don’t try guys).

Wow. Hahaha. I am lost for words. I am SO happy, I feel SO free, and I’m very very excited! I feel very blessed to be graduating with such confidence and optimism, optimism for what’s to come now that I’ve graduated. Obviously I have not recovered much of my brain power yet since I can’t even put my excitement properly in words. But anyways, I’m off to pack my luggage, flying off in 8 hours!

Preliminary list of things to do now that I’ve graduated:

1. Clean my room

2. Clean the house

3. Set up our new office

4. Book tickets for Ivan’s exchange to Canada and

5. PLAN OUR MONTH LONG DECEMBER HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DOWN THE WEST COAST!!! (Now, this shows that I’m truly happy to have graduated. Whee!)


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