Let’s talk customer service

If I blog about the same thing twice, it really must mean something. Today I really experienced what true customer service was, and it’s from, surprise surprise, my car mechanic.

My friends know my car woes. My car’s about 6.5-7 years old now, and it has old-man problems like wiring issues, battery issues, yada yada. I was most recently stuck at Sentosa with a dead battery and brought it to my mechanic. I stuck with them cos they provided really good service and charged extremely decent rates. Even when I did a major change, got new tyres and all, they didn’t take that as an opportunity to charge me extra (earlier post here).

Today my car died again. It’s like the third time in a month. I’ve been delaying getting the car thoroughly checked cos I’m having exams, so yeah it’s totally my fault that it died on me again. So when I couldn’t start it earlier, I called my mechanic. That was at 8pm. He drove down with his family (I felt so bad! They were probably having dinner or something) right away and jump started my car. We drove our cars down to his workshop and he even sent me home. OH MY GOD. Come, tell me, which other mechanic would do that?!

So if you’re in need of a good mechanic who’s honest and experienced, go check them out.


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