Ugh. I cannot stress how important it is to be efficient. I also cannot stress how important presentations need flow. Sorry, a little on edge because I’ve been surviving on coffee and 4 hours of sleep the past few days. Lol.

I had my first presentation of my last semester today and what a way to kick start presentation week(s)! There’s a thrill in rushing to finish a project with your close friends, and who cares whether we’re the smallest team (of three) in the class, because we get each other and work so efficiently, I’d dare say we still produce fantastic results.

Anyhow, my disgruntled-ness is coming from the fact that I still have to trudge through my econs mod which only 2 days ago began to “flow”. Ugh the pain in figuring out how to connect the dots. And now I’m stuck doing the slides. Words of a winner.


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