Morning Thoughts

It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m sitting alone at Koufu, surfing around waiting for 8am to come so I can grab my morning coffee and head for class. It’s going to be a super long day today.

I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friends lately, and interesting life questions always pop up. Yes, it’s a sign we’re getting older (gawd, I’m only 23) but still, some of these are pretty interesting questions! Just last week, we asked ourselves, if you could go to one place in the world, where would it be, and why. No other conditions, just think of a place, and why. Doesn’t matter if you want to go there for a holiday, or if you wanna go there to retire. Doesn’t. Matter.

It took me much longer to come up with an answer. Janice chose India, which I thought was really interesting, and I think Jason chose some dive site. I’ve been to quite a number of places already, but of all my travels, I love places that inspire me, places that are way way way different from Singapore. I was torn between Bali (for the beach), New York or SF (for the inspirational city life), and some far off place with tons of snow. I finally answered with the Swiss Alps (with Kenneth’s assistance), mainly because of its serenity. I think I’ll really be at peace with myself in a place like that. Tons of snow, lack of people, just me and my thoughts. Sounds like a pretty decent plan!


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