Why oh why do I get ever so distracted each time I sit down to write my assignment?! I’ve got an assignment due Wednesday and a midterm on Thursday and I keep blog surfing. UGHZ. And I’m so jealous of the people who are on their grad trips right now, taking on the world one country at a time. JEALOUS! Come to think of it, that should be my life motto. Taking on the world, one country at a time. Hahahahaha.

Nothing interesting happened since the last I blogged except that my house is a new mess all over again. With all the stuff thrown on the floor, my sis and I often joke that we can “swim” in clothes. On other news, my maid will be going home for good around June this year to get married and have kids 😦 It’s gonna be a gloomy day at the Soh residence 😦 I can foresee never ever seeing the tiled floor for the next few years cos it’ll just be a pile of clothes!!!

Oh yes, and I went for a run a few hours ago. I am so weak now it’s embarassing. Also, I tried out the new app Map My Run, only to realize I’ve always only been running 4.3 km instead of “close to 5 km”. Hahaha how I always deceive myself *BEAMS*


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