I’ve got my new phone for almost a week now, and I can’t believe I didn’t migrate over to Android sooner! Sure, Apple is sleek and intuitive, and setting up everything is extremely easy, but it just doesn’t give the flexibility that Android does! I’ve not set up my email accounts yet, and am still fiddling around with the windows and widgets, but my phone looks pretty darn cool right now. Plus I have The Simpsons plastered on my main screen and home screen. Lol!

The best thing I love about Android is the widgets! My main screen has the Google search bar so I can search my phone and the web immediately, then I’ve got like 8 of my most frequently used apps below it. On another screen I have twitter feeds on the top half the screen and WSJ and Inc news on the bottom half of the screen. On the left of my main screen I’ve got my to-do list on the top half of the screen and some important phone settings below it. There are a few other windows but I haven’t quite settled on how I want to maximize those. It may sound a little complicated but it looks really sleek. What I love most is not having to open an app to read news, or twitter feeds, I can scroll through it immediately on my home screen. This is definitely something my iPad still can’t give.

I wouldn’t dare say I prefer one over the other, both are really cool and useful in their own way. And it’s pretty darn nice having both an Android phone and an iPad, it’s like having the best of both worlds 😉


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