Back from a really hectic trip that was both mentally and physically exhausting! Rushed off with my sister to Bangkok on a last minute ticket (due to my carelessness of not booking one earlier, unfortunately) and I’m still physically tired 😦

Anyway, had the urge to blog despite it being 7.20 in the morning cos a friend recently asked about my grad trip plans and said “You’re going to be so free anyway”. There was no harm intended, but I stopped for a second and thought, do most people think that I’m going to be “free”? In my mind I have a million things to do the SECOND I graduate, so much that I don’t even think I have time to stop and take a break. While people are off to travel the world, there’s just so much I’ve to settle on my own, getting an office or a warehouse, to start. But I guess such thinking isn’t unexpected, because unless I walk into an office and work 15hours straight, I’m “free” and work is “easy”.


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