One week left before my mid term break and it hits me that I really haven’t been studying much at all. So far, I’ve only read 3 chapters of my IEA textbook. And that’s all. Final sem is really taking an effect on me 😦 Anyhow, like I told Jason, our mojo is not lost. It’s just focused elsewhere. Lol. Winning words.

Anyway, the highlight of yesterday (Friday) was Ivan and me cooking (yes you read right) aglio olio and cabonara. It was such a torturous walk to the supermarket at noon, and $38 later, we served a pretty decent meal. I don’t think aglio olio can go wrong, so at least I started on an easy path. I will not share photos until my cooking gets better, in say, 30 years?

And yesterday night, Ivan, my HERO, salvaged one of my corrupted memory cards. I was resigned to losing all my photos but he managed to get them all back – even when the whole memory stick was empty! Gawd. So I’m now back to my one-man photoshop slave force, chilling to Joshua Radin on grooveshark (my favourite music streaming website to date).


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