So Loved

A quick post before I take a nap.

I felt so loved today when 9 of my closest friends turned up for a surprise lunch at Aston’s. I kinda guessed there’ll be something planned after Jason shiftily moved his laptop away from me in class. And Darryl kinda gave it away cos I had no plans of lunching with him, so when he said “Oh we’re going to Aston’s?” I was like uhhhhhh something’s going on. Lol. Lunch was supposed to be a catch up session between Janice, Chien-I and myself, so when 6 other people showed up, I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve mentioned before how hard it is for my group of friends to all meet up for anything. We usually have such different schedules that it’s hard for all of us to commit to one date.

So guys, once again, thanks for the surprise, I felt so loved that all of you turned up! Having you guys as my CCA-mates and groupmates have made my SMU life so enjoyable. Here’s to the future! And on birthdays, we cheers with cake! Woohoo!


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