Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! AGE IS BUT JUST A NUMBER! Yes, I’ll keep telling myself that. Hahahaha. But seriously, what’s the big deal about growing old? I’m 23 and I’m proud to be 23. I have traveled half the world (maybe less), have been through 20 years of school, and am finally embarking on the most exciting part of my life – life after graduation. When you look at it this way, people who are young will be so jealous of me (because you still have years of exams). Hahaha!

What have I learned about turning 23? Let’s see. Other than, “age is but just a number“, I also realized that the older you get, the less important the day is. For one, I spent my birthday editing hundreds of photos – I am my own one-man photoshop slave force. Then I slept the day away, and later on, will be going for a 5km run with my sis. The actual celebrations will probably be done the following weekend.

While I still have 4 hours to the end of my “birth”day, I shall ponder over what wise words of wisdom I will share with the world. Till then, happy birthday to myself, may I grow wiser and healthier. Lol!


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