It only hits you when you actually file for graduation and click “Submit” (or OK, or whatever, I don’t remember what the button was). So yes, I’m graduating in May! Oh god, has four years passed already??? I can so clearly remember so many things, my SMU interview, matriculation, orientation, CCA day, internships, exchange… It can’t possibly be four years!

I’m gonna promote SMU a little bit here, so them haters, be gone! Lol. I have never for a single day regretted choosing SMU over the other two universities. I knew what I wanted – a smaller school with seminar-style lessons – much like what I had in junior college. A smaller (and younger) school had its benefits, SMU worked hard to promote the school and its students, and people out there were noticing. Everything SMU did for me and made me go through (including classes like CAT and Finishing Touch), love it or hate it, definitely prepared me well for the corporate world. I did 3 amazing internships, I got to go on exchange to the US, and I was part of the investment club where I made some of my bestest friends. I loved having my 3-day timetable, I loved rushing for projects with my friends (I know, weird), and most of all, I love love love presentations. And of course I hated exams, I’m still 10% a regular kid after all.

So finally, it’s time for this chapter to come to an end. In just about 3 months, I’ll be done with school. In fact, 20 years of school! When I say it like that it just sounds so much more epic. Hahahaha. I hate sappy endings, and despite being supersam, I cry easily. But hey, this might just be the start of an amazing journey. Here’s to 20 years of studying, and lets say, 40 (oh the horror, 50?) YEARS OF WORKING!!! Hahaha. EPIC, RIGHT? I knew it 😉


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