In the spirit of expanding social circles, I met up with Gen, Kenneth, Matt, Darryl and a bunch of Gen’s friends for dinner and post-dinner hanging out. It was honestly the first non-drinking hang out sessions that lasted till 2+ in the morning. Rather random, but fun.

I’ve always wanted a big group of close friends, but never really had it. I turned out to be more of an individual-friend friend, like I’m very close to a few, but separate, friends. I don’t really have a big group of friends who meet up regularly.

Moving on, I would think I treasure friends a lot. I hope I’m a good enough friend, more importantly, a reliable friend. But I don’t think I ever trusted anyone fully, other than my family and Ivan, I stopped believing that friends last forever. I used to have a bff, the one person I was certain I would be best friends with even when I was old and wrinkly. We were in the same primary and secondary schools, we had similar interests, we could finish each others sentences, and more importantly, we knew we wanted to grow old and marry cool boys and be living in houses next to each other. We even had retirement plans of owning our own ice cream van and selling snacks to small kids. Lol! But anyhow, one day, out of the blue, she just cut off all ties with me. Ivan’s the only one who truly knew how affected I was, hoping that each time she called was to explain what happened, but it just wasn’t it. So from then on, the birthday wishes stopped, the house visits stopped, and I guess I just stopped believing that friends last forever.

Ok ramble over. My silly 5am brain always ponders so it’s time to shut it down. Goodnight!


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