Ah, Week 1

School has just started and I always hate the transition from holiday to school. After being so used to waking up after noon everyday, and driving around everywhere, I hate having to wake up for morning classes and taking the bus. I don’t mean to sound princess-y or anything, but it takes me an hour to get to school. After you factor in bus waiting times, and a possible jam, it really does get on your nerves.

But of course, being a senior has its perks. For one, I’m flying off to Bali tomorrow. I think it’s a much deserved holiday for Ivan and myself. What with him busy with his entre stuff (I would so love to show you his website, it’s AWESOME and he coded it HIMSELF *awe*), and my sis and I with the launch of our new site. Things have been going swimmingly well, but of course with every business, I have to constantly think – what next? Thankfully I have a fantastic sister who bears with my constant chatting late into the night.

Don’t know if I’ll take much pictures in Bali, if I do I don’t even think I’ll have the discipline to upload them here. But I know for sure that Ivan and I are gonna have so much fun. We have nothing planned, so we’ll just figure out what to do when we’re there! I’m thinking surfing, reading on the beach, and a ton of people watching. Hahaha. Perhaps we’ll visit some nearby island, or do stuff that we haven’t done before – snorkeling, jet skiing, kite surfing. I. CAN’T. WAIT!


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