It’s 2012!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Interestingly, I stayed home this new year’s eve. I always spend new year’s eve with Ivan, I figured it’s time to spend it with my family. A year ago, I was standing near Times Square with Ivan and my sis, shoulder to shoulder with random people we didn’t know, counting down to 2011 in the freezing cold. I still can’t believe how fast 2011 has passed.

2011 was definitely an eventful year. I finally visited the US, and even stayed there for half a year. Came back and had an awesome internship at a hedge fund, and at the same time expanded the business my sis and I were running. Had a fantastic semester with the gang, then flipping my body clock around during my study break with Ivan and Toff. December came and went so quickly that I’m surprised I even found time to skip away to Bangkok for a few days with Ivan. And guess what, school’s starting again in a week. It’s just too fast!

Well, Ivan reminded me to make resolutions. So, borrowing some cheer from Christmas, I’m making a list and checking it twice! Hahaha. Honestly I can’t remember my 2011 resolutions exactly, but I think it was to read, write, and live more. I definitely did all 3.

So for 2012, I definitely want to figure out where my life is headed after graduation and commit to that. I also want to be a little bit healthier, probably run more to make up for the lack of running in 2011. And more importantly, to spend more time with my family – haven’t had much of it this year given how busy I was (and not forgetting being overseas for half a year).

So here’s to 2012! May it be full of happiness and success!


One thought on “It’s 2012!

  1. No waay, I didn’t know you went to Times Square last year! so cool! Yeaa it’s 2012 for you and it almost is for me lol…and good resolutions! Lastly HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!

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