My Life in Motion Pictures

I don’t believe in moderation – I don’t watch a single movie at all during the school term, and now Ivan and I are catching up on all the movies we’ve missed. Hahaha.

So far I’ve already watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Warrior (sooo good), Contagion (totally pointless eck), and even backdated ones like Sherlock Holmes (the first one, so that I’ll be able to understand the second one), The Dark Knight (all in preparation for next year’s Batman movie), 127 Hours and  Frequency. I also plan on re-watching Avatar and Inception, and whatever else the remaining holidays permit.

On another note, I can’t believe Chinese New Year is coming soon and I haven’t gotten my CNY clothes. FML. I was about to say that my birthday’s coming soon too cos it’s always near the Chinese New Year, but Ivan’s birthday is in 8 days and I haven’t bought him a gift. Now, what do guys like? SIGH. I shall ponder that in my sleep. Goodnight, world.


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