I’m not the healthiest person on the planet – I don’t eat vegetables, I drink coke and bubble tea almost everyday, and I don’t exercise much (sadly). But as someone who travels pretty often, I really can’t stress how important it is to stay healthy.

I left my house early today morning with a headache, terrible muscle aches and my old leg injury looked like it was going to be inflamed again soon. I headed to the airport, popped 2 panadol pills, and hoped to sleep off the pain. Lo and behold, another guy on the plane was much worse off. The poor guy had such terrible airsickness, he was vomiting for 2 hours non stop. The pilot had to reroute the plane to Hatyai airport so that the guy could be picked up by an ambulance. It was probably the most epic plane ride I’ve ever had! Sudden landing in the middle of nowhere, medics running up with a stretcher, and even an oxygen tank for the poor guy. Wow. My whole journey got delayed by 3.5 hours, so that kinda sucked, but I hope the guy’s okay now.

To the rest, enjoy what’s left of December! 2012 is coming soon and it’s soon time for us to make new resolutions!


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