On Thursday I went with a bunch of friends to Malacca for a crazy, last minute day trip. And boy do I miss road trips! I think it’s super impressive that this road trip actually materialized, given our gang’s track record of seldom having full attendance for anything. So for 5 people to actually grab their passports and show up for a sleepover and a day trip, we all really deserved a pat on the back. Lol!

Anyway, I’ve gotta wait for Gen to upload the photos then grab some from her, and hopefully the photos and videos can show how happy we all were, despite our failed Satay Celop and Teo Chew Restaurant dinner. We even colour-coded the 2 friends who couldn’t make it, so Jon’s all things red (because we were so ANGRY at him for not turning up) and Jason was all things green (no reason).

On another note, December’s coming to an end! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This time last year I was so full of excitement, planning my trip to the US and counting down the days till I land in New York. Sigh, 2011 has passed by too quickly, it feels like I went through it in full speed and have not been able to catch my breath. Oh well, never mind that, I’m zipping off to Bangkok next Tuesday, I’ll catch my breath there!


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