Random thoughts

Monologue begins: December has been rather busy, but busy good. There’s just so much stuff to do. On top of the regular photoshoots, the website should go live by the end of the month so there’s a ton of work to be done – banner, photos, logos, etc. The rack will be up and running by mid Dec so there’s sorting and ironing and finally bringing the stocks down. Hectic as it is, life’s been good.

Just last Thursday I had a super awesome girls’ day out – lunch, shaping brows, shopping, and ice cream with Mich and Qi, then finally meeting Sharon for dinner. Our dessert turned out to be a 30-minute long can’t-find-our-way-around-town which finally ended at Starbucks (#fail). Lol. I love our chats, from the million girly laughs that garner too many weird stares, to our serious conversations. And one particular conversation has got me thinking about where I’m heading after graduation. To keep it short, I’m considering doing my masters in the US, but money’s definitely an issue, so let’s see where life goes from here 🙂

I hope the holidays have been going great for everyone ♥


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