The Impossible Mission

What better way to spend Friday than packing the house? I’m embarking on an impossible mission. I mean come on, my maid couldn’t pack my room, and given the undomesticated person I am, how can I, alone, clean up the room? I should just give up right now! Lol.

But anyhow, I’m packing packing packing and I chanced upon my memory box. It’s actually a shoe box, with all my letters and gifts from friends since I was 11. I think the box was from the first pair of Nike sport shoes my dad bought me when I played for my primary school team, and I just couldn’t bear to throw it out.

That’s my memory shoe box up there. See the million postcards, letters, and photos? Heh. I’ve even got my medals and special Tigger cup right there.

On to another topic, it was my dad’s birthday just 2 days ago and my mom, being the kan-chiong person she is, told me, on his birthday, “OMG I FORGOT TO PUT UP AN OBITUARY”. And I was like HUH, it’s his birthday Mom, not his death anniversary. Lol. That’s my mom for you, panicking over everything. So guess what I found in my memory shoe box earlier? My dad’s first obituary! It’s a lovely poem written by a friend –

Think of him as resting, away from pain and tears;
Hope he found eternal comfort, no limiting days or years;
Guess he must be pining, for all he held so dear;
Treasured memories of ours, remain forever clear. 


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