No more sleep debt!

My exams are finally over! And after an awesome post-exam dinner, I slept for a good 16 hours! I just refused to get out of bed, even watching a few episodes of The Simpsons and The Office on the bed. Woohooo! Then when 7pm struck (that’s when I finally can drive out), I zoomed to NTU to accompany Ivan who still has 3 more papers to go, 5 if you include ACCA. Poor boy 😦

So now that it’s December, it’s time to do stuff that I’ve been putting off. I’ve already dyed and treatment-ed my hair so now they don’t look like dry grass. Next up, servicing the car! Hopefully fixing the door will be cheap. My car door can’t lock by itself, I think something’s loose inside, so I think we gotta tear open the door to figure that out. I’ve also gotta clean up the house, open up the stuff I brought back from the US, and start exercising. Oh boy. *SIGH*


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