My Bucket List

About a month ago I started collating my bucket list, it’s up there at the top next to my “About” page. It’s still far from finished, everyday I have like 10 more things to add to the list, and I don’t think I can ever accomplish everything. But hey, we’re no strangers to never-ending lists (of homework, presentations, and other things we dread to do) so WHY NOT ANOTHER ONE?! Hahaha.

So when coming up with that list, of course being the internet savvy kid I am, googled around for inspiration (Y). I noticed how people always talked about wanting to travel, wanting to see the world. Then there are people who list things that are extraordinary, like climbing Everest for example. So I thought, hmm ok let me try to categorize my bucket list into the serious ones and the non-serious/almost-impossible-to-achieve ones.

So right there in my “Out of the ordinary, but whatever” list is, TO ATTEND A VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW. Woohoo! If you know me well enough you know I turn into jelly when I see their sexy models. And I watch their fashion shows again and again and again for thinspiration. So yes, if someone out there can help me strike this off, PLEASE DO! Lol!

Have you started your bucket list yet?


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