Facebook has become rather viral. Today I saw quite a few people sharing a travel blog post, 3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young, which made me start to miss my life in the US, and of course, reinforce my belief that traveling is extremely important, not just for experiencing and learning new cultures, but also as a soul vacation.

But on to my reminiscing… Troy isn’t exactly the dream vacation place. There’s barely anything to do, the malls were in Albany, and there weren’t many things going on in school to occupy my time. But still, it was the nothing-to-do lifestyle that made Troy so memorable, especially since I live in Singapore rushing from place to place every single day.

My undecorated dorm. I don’t have photos of it, but my dorm was disgustingly bare. I had this whole idea that since I was only gonna be there for 3 months, there’s no point in decorating. So all I had was an RPI towel which I got at an ice-hockey game, and a poster of Dwight from The Office. Still, my dorm was an awesome place. I lived in a double room, but I had no roommate. So occasionally, I’d climb to the upper bunk to read a book, play my guitar, or just stare out the window. (Ok, there was also a liquor corner which made it even more awesome)

The hour-long bus rides. I remember taking buses down to the malls in Albany just so I could grab a cup of bubble tea. Heh. Well I did feel kinda lonely at times, but time alone to shop at VS (sexy lingerie hahahaha), buying tons and tons of make up (omg they were so cheap) and drinking 2 cups of bubble tea in a day just because my next trip might be a week away – these were nice little moments I had with myself.

Late night fries. I had the worst diet when I was in Troy. I didn’t eat if I wasn’t hungry, and even if I was, I’d just grab whatever’s cheap. So I often had just a slice of pizza for dinner ($2.50), or I’ll just cook some instant noodles ($0.40 haha). There were days where I’d get really hungry at 9pm, and I’ll grab like 3 jackets and make a dash to the Union and order fries ($1). I’d sit around the Union for like half an hour and people watch, then head back to my dorm.

Singing aloud. My morning routine: wake up, BLAST MUSIC, brush teeth, bathe, change, make coffee, off music, grab bag and off to class! Occasionally I’ll sing, thank god my neighbour didn’t mind (honestly I don’t know haha), and it just felt SO GOOD! Imagine waking up everyday FEELING GOOD! What an awesome feeling, no? Lol.

Being sporty. I’d like to state now that I think I am awesomely cool. On exchange, I mastered (sort of) two sports – skiing and skateboarding! Granted, sports isn’t for everyone. But the feeling of the cold wind against your face as you ski down never ending white snow, it’s simply breathtaking. Until the tumble. Hahahaha. On that note, I can’t wait to go to Bali to surf! (Woops ok this post is about Troy. Bali will get its glory another time)

The getaways. Most importantly, I miss the weekend getaways and the crazy Wednesdays. Hahaha I remember waking up at an ungodly 5am to catch the first bus down to NYC, then take the last bus back to Troy. It’d be a crazy day of shopping, chilling, photo-taking… and of course, BUBBLE TEA from my favourite store in Chinatown just cos they have a Homer figure outside the store. Lol. I don’t know how I did it, but even after a crazy 18hour trip, I’d still be able to drag my ass out of bed to attend morning class the next day. Impressive! Lol.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it? Lol. Anyway, I do hope Ivan and Christofle get to go on exchange in Canada! Perhaps then I can visit them and do some skiing too! Woopeeee! Time to save up $.$


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. OOMMMGG…we soooo didn’t have enough time to hang out and you need to come back!!…Although I don’t live in Troy, I didn’t really miss it and it is soooo boring around where I live (30 minutes away lol)…I need to go traveling like faaar away, as soon as I am outta all of my schooling I plan on doing it!!!

    1. Yes we so didn’t hang out enough! Our movie date didn’t pan out, but I’m sure we’ll be able to meet up someday someplace in the world 🙂 You should plan weekend trips or something, I’m sure it’ll be fun. I especially love Rhode Island and Boston, and since your sis is in Boston, I’m sure you can just pop by!

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