Hell Week

This Halloween, SMU has gone all out to scare us with… HELL WEEEK (cue ominous music in background).

Hell, defined as a place of suffering (ok of course with some religious connotations but let’s ignore that for now), is what school is right now. Oh and it’s not just 1 week of hell, it’s a prolonged period of suffering, spanning over 2 to 3 weeks. This coming week I’ve got 2 project submissions, 1 quiz, and 2 presentations. Next week I’ve got a quiz, 1 project submission, and 1 presentation. It’s hell I tell you, HELL!

Oh and the non-cherry on top of the disgusting crap that is hell week, I’VE GOT CLASS THIS SATURDAY… from 7pm to 10pm. F!

On another note, I really hope the floods in Thailand recede soon. Bangkok’s one of the places I love in the world, so Nature, please be kind!


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