Travel Blues

I’m back from Bangkok! I tried blogging while I was there, but the internet died just after I was done lol. Anyway, BANGKOK IS AMAZING! The food, the shopping, the people, I could go on and on and on! Ok the traffic sucks, but the rest make up for it! I’ve become a huge fan of roadside food stalls. It all smells SO GOOD! My mom and I love the fried chicken wings (we had some for breakfast one day, breakfast omg!) and there are also stalls selling iced coffee, takopachi (kinda), waffles, crepes, and of course BUBBLE TEA! Hahahahaha.

I didn’t take much photos though. And they’re all on film so I gotta wait for Ivan to develop it for me heh.

Ok sorry, but I gotta stop here. Crazy pile of work staring at me (assignment due on tuesday, midterm on wednesday, another assignment due thursday, and a project due thursday), FML. Mid term break is a lie, A LIE!!! UGH need to get done with all these cos I’m flying off again on Thursday to Hong Kong 😡


2 thoughts on “Travel Blues

  1. Oooo Bangkok sounds like loads of fun!!!, but your mid term break seems like mid term chaos!! I hope you get all your stuff done without completely breaking down! I can’t wait til you go on your Hong Kong trip!!

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