Faith and discipline, and rock and roll

So it’s application season now. I’ve not been throwing out my resume as much as I think I should. Markets are really bad, and there aren’t many good openings in Singapore. I know, beggars can’t be choosers. Sigh!

I’ve been talking to Sharon a lot more lately. It’s amazing how we’ve been friends for let’s see, 7 years now? She’s amazing, by the way. Her drive and passion for all things entrepreneurial is admirable. You can read more on her blog and understand why she’s so awesome.

Anyhow, my chats with Sharon always revolve around the struggle between a corporate career, and my own enterprise. It has never ended with “OK I will go ahead and focus only on my business, or owning many many businesses”. I think at the end of the day, I still have this desire to, I don’t know, “conquer” both aspects – imagine Supersam, analyst by weekday, businessman by weekend. Hahaha! It’s a really crazy idea. Too many conflicting wants – I wanna live overseas, wanna work like mad (don’t judge, lol), wanna run my own business, wanna have a gazillion dollars and live in a mansion (haha).

The worst part is, many of these wants are conflicting. It’s quite impossible to work the long hours I expect I will be working and still run a business on the side. Sharon’s facing a bunch of other stuff on her side too, so our conversation kinda ended with this – to have faith. Then I added discipline. You can’t run a business well (or do anything well for that matter) without discipline. So it was faith and discipline. How rock and roll came into the picture, you gotta ask Paul (that’s what I call Sharon. We’re cool like that). Lol. So yes, faith and discipline, and rock and roll.


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