The Midweek Crisis

Here’s how I imagined I would spend today:  Wake up at 540am, drive to school and be in school by 7am. Study study study till 5 and head for my project meeting. Class at 7pm, then home. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Here’s what actually happened:  Wake up at 10am, decided to sleep for “5 more minutes”. Woke up at 1pm and wasted time till 330pm and realized I had to go to school for my project meeting. Class at 7pm, then home. Failmax.

So Jillian and I have decided to study together in school every Wednesday now, since we always waste our Wednesday afternoons away. So now here’s how I plan to spend my Wednesdays:  Wake up at 9am, go for a run (you read right, but that’s the plan for now lol), and be in school by noon so I have a good 6 hours of studying before my night class.

That said, since it’s midterm break next week… this plan gets postponed till the week after. So hurray, that’s one more week of delaying my exercise! Embarrassingly, I have not exercised in 6 months. The last time I ran was in Troy, when it was only 11 deg Celsius. In my defense, I had plenty of time there, and I didn’t have to apply for a job then. Haha!

On a random note, I have been psycho-ed by Jensen (or Jenny, or Jennet) to sign up for twitter. So I’m now on twitter @samsohawesome lol. Don’t really know what I’ll use it for, but we’ll see. For now, I find it useful to follow all the latest news (WSJ, Market Watch, Reuters etc) and see them all in one convenient place. So that’s one use I’ve found, for now.


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