Laughter, the best calorie burner

It’s annoying that isn’t updating as often as I wish it would. Dammit. I’ve been getting my weekly dose of laughter from “The Man Show”. Basically two guys being MANLY. Here’s some MANliness for you:

“Went for a jog on Sunday, climbed Everest by accident”

“I went for a jog just now, you know, around the planet”

And from their Twitter, “The Man Show doesn’t have a Facebook page cos Facebook’s servers can’t contain the number of ladies that would like the page”

Lol. Love those dudes.

Just some short updates. Had an amazing weekend. I finally had lunch/dinner at Bar Bar on Saturday, haven’t visited it since I came back from the US. It’s definitely of my favourite places to chillax – but then again, I don’t really go around looking for chillaxing places, so my knowledge/awareness of cool places in Singapore is very limited.¬†Then the usual tri-uni study gathering with Toff and Ivan on Monday. We spent some time developing film and printing photos. Can’t believe I’ve known these two for 9 years now. Wow. It’s always fun reminiscing. Heh


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