Study munchies


Mmmmm absolutely love kueh bahulu. I don’t usually eat much bread or cake-stuff but omg I can keep poppin’ these little munchies.

See that white cup at the back? Ah, my one terrible addiction, coffee. And yes, I drink hot coffee with a straw. Lol.


2 thoughts on “Study munchies

  1. oooo have you heard about cake pops here in starbucks?….they kinda look like that without the stick lol, but I don’t know what the flavor of the one you had is? Looks good tho!!

    1. Well what I was eating is a kind of Malay snack, and it’s just a very basic butter flavour bread/muffin like thing. They don’t have it in any fanciful flavours 😦 I’ve never tried cake pops at Starbucks though. Don’t think they have that in Singapore (plus I think Starbucks’ snacks are overpriced haha)

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