My Mother

I’ve an amazing mother. She’s the reason why I strive hard. Without her gritting her teeth and powering through all the pain, I’m sure Fiona and I won’t be where we are today. Not having to worry about day to day financial needs, being able to afford an education, living in comfort and even owning a car. These were things I’m sure my mom never imagined we’d achieve 8 years ago when my dad passed.

So a certain incident happen to my mother on Sunday, making her question the basis of “family”. Behind the anger, I know she feels hurt. Hurt that she’s being judged, hurt that people misunderstand. And I feel for her, having to face people whom she’s not obliged to face, being judged while playing the role of a daughter-in-law.

To whatever snide remarks that were thrown my mom’s way, I can only say, sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. I know how hard my mom has worked to be where she is today, and I’m proud of her. I love her and I will work so hard to make her proud.

Love, Sam


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