Powering On

So I’m done with the first week of school and although it’s my final year, boy, WHAT A WEEK! I’ve already had 2 project meetings – had to go back to school on a Friday although I don’t have classes, and had another meeting on Saturday at 9pm (just fyi, we ended past midnight). It kinda sucks to have to meet up over the weekend, but hey, we’ll be the first group to be done with our first presentation so I suppose it kinda pays off.

And since my school year begins in August, what better time than now to make new resolutions? Ha. So, for fear of having too many resolutions and ending up not keeping any, I’m just gonna make one simple resolution – to do extremely well this semester. It’s a GPA world out there, no matter what people say (yes yes, extra-curricular stuff do matter, but the most fundamental gauge would be your GPA).


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