Senior Year

So I’ve decided to start blogging, again. The cycle usually goes like this – I get inspired, I blog for a month or two, then the blogging juice runs dry. And it dies for a long long time before I get inspired to blog again. I should totally do up a “sam’s blog life cycle”. Ha.

Today marks the first day of my final year in school. I’ve been out of school for 2 semesters now, taking 1 semester off to do a 5-month internship, then flying off to the States for an international exchange. So coming back to school as a senior sure did feel weird.

There’s definitely a lot of emotions. Three years ago, I came into SMU, so excited to start living college life. I couldn’t wait to embrace everything that SMU had to offer. Now, as I look ahead, I can’t help but wish that this final year in SMU would pass a little slower. Not that I don’t wanna start working, I actually do love what I do, but you know, once you start working, there’s no way you can turn back time and live like a carefree kid anymore. It’s the real world, bitches. (Ha). So yeah, while I’m really glad to be back in school, it kinda sucks that it’s gonna be my last year here.

Three years ago, I couldn’t wait to grow older. But I guess adults were right when they say “don’t rush to grow up”.

Love, Sam


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